Sunday, June 30, 2013

Letting things go

I'll just quickly have a shower before I tidy the kitchen but before I do that I'll just make the beds, oh I'd better put the washing on before I get in and then it'll be ready to hang when I get out. Baby wakes up before I've done half of those things and I was going to bake some fairy cakes to take to my friend, so now I feel like I have achieved nothing at all. I really ned to learn to let some stuff go, prioritise what's important. Shower should definitely come first! Is there a gene that means you can walk past a toy on the floor or dirty laundry or is it learned? Why can some people live in perfectly acceptable mess while others can't? I'm stressed about the list of things I have to do to make the house comfortable for me. I'm actually relieved its raining because washing is off the list and I don't have a dryer. I think I'll rename the blog 'mummy guilt'!

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