Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Our computer was offline for a while (again!) who knew that you had to have virus protection AND spy ware protection? not me, that's for sure!

Pickle will be 9 months very soon, doesn't time fly? Racing to grab the DVD's from the TV unit is a new favourite game of ours! She usually wins.

Pulling up to stand on anything that stands still longer than 5 seconds is also the flavour of the day. So Mummy washing up is a good one. Can't get the rubber gloves off fast enough as she's pulling down my trousers.

Family Day Care is up and running, or will be as soon as I get customers. I think the pickle scared off the little boy who came to visit by using him to stand up on and then pulling his hair. Asserting herself early that one!

The 'sleep plan' mentioned in earlier post never came to fruition (as in it didn't work) ah well I just keep telling myself she loves me so much, she has to see me through the day AND the night.

She was slightly confused earlier when I went to get her from her nap, I had just had a shower and had my hair pulled back, she stared at me strangely. I usually get a big smile when I go in to get her. Then she caught sight of the back of my head, and there came the smile - she was missing my hair - ah there it is, gave ponytail a good yank just to make sure and tried to stuff it into her mouth. Try to picture my one inch ponytail, it's not going very far!