Sunday, August 30, 2009

I have spent 10 minutes trying to remember my password for this blog! Something tells me that yet again I have left it too long! Much has happened in the interim!

Pickle turned one and had a rubber duckie themed party, It was a lot of work and bit stressful but fun to organise! The venue was at a beachside park, the food was purely yellow and there was even duck wraps which some thought was a little sick, I just thought it was funny! The cake was the hardest to do, the icing was melting during photos and looked a little drippy! But hey, this is Australia, what can you expect!?

Tom is nearing the end of his four months with us, it has been fun! We didn't get to go to very many places but we had some good times and Tom took plenty of photos!
We saw glow worms at a place called natural bridge (what an imaginative name for a place) I have always wanted to see glowworms and they were pretty! Strange bluey green pricks of light like looking up at a starry sky!

Paul has finished his uni course and is now applying for the police force. In the meanwhile stair-building work has picked up so the pressure is off concerning the money side of things.

I have sisters to look after 2 days a week, 9 weeks old and 2 years. Very cute and well behaved kids! Good job really because it would be a bit stressful if they weren't with the three of them!
I have just spent a weekend looking after a friends baby, only 1 week younger than Amélie. The first day we had great fun but the second was a bit more whingy. I am worried she will never want to visit again due to fear of being left here!

Hopefully I will be more consistent about updating the blog but I am sure I have said that before so no promises!