Sunday, December 6, 2009

Christmas is coming!
We leave for England on the 23rd Dec and won't be back 'til the very end of Jan.

Yesterday we gave the pickle her electric car and her swing as we are not going to be here for Christmas. We figured she might as well get some use out of it. She loved the car and can hold the pedal down to make it go. Not long and she will be able to drive herself to playgroup! It does, however, play an annoying tinny tune when you press the horn. Might have to look into disconnecting that one!

As for the swing, she would happily sit in it for hours, even with no-one pushing her! This morning she really didn't want to get out so I left her there while I washed up the breakfast things, going out periodically to give her a push! Big smiles and a 'weeeeeeeeeeee' (I could see her through the window, she wasn't abandoned!)

She is very much a chatterbox lately, she just gabbles on making no sense whatsoever but it is very cute. Every day she comes up with a new word though. Latest would be 'ni night', while trying to make the weeble lie down in its bed, pretty funny because as you may or may not know weebles don't lie down!