Thursday, November 13, 2008

16 weeks ago I was in hospital...waiting!

It's been a good few weeks since I wrote anything, but what can I say!? The baby keeps me busy! We also got a virus through facebook and the laptop was at the doctors for a while.

Amélie is going to be 16 weeks tomorrow (14th Nov) and it feels like it has gone so fast, like everybody said it would. In another way though it feels like she has been here forever.

I am still in awe of the fact that I have complete and utter responsibility for another human being!

We read books together everyday, she really enjoys it and even has favourites, she looks at the pictures and laughs and sometimes even joins in!

She's not rolling over yet, she also doesn't like to be on her belly so I don't do 'tummy-time' like I should.

Her sleep is still all over the place, somedays it's good, others not so good. Mostly I walk around like a zombie. Some days I know not even to get in the car as it would be dangerous!

We go to a 'new mothers' group but that will be finishing in a couple of weeks so I am trying to get a regular mothers group up together also a 'pram push' group of mummies who want to walk. There is a pram push already but it costs $5! For what I want to know! How can walking cost money?!?

Christmas is coming, pretty unbelievable that it will be our second in Australia! Hopefully bubby will be into the presents (or at least the paper!) We got her a peek-a-blocks toy and some Mem Fox books already. I tested out a talking Elmo at the shop and she loved it (he blows kisses) but we really can't justify all that money!

Hopefully it won't be as long when I get a chance to write again!