Monday, October 20, 2008

Driving test

I was scared of driving. Not just ordinary nerves but real fear. I had a greater need though; I couldn't face being stuck at home with my baby 24/7. And that took over the driving fear and I finally got the courage to start lessons up again.
The first instructor I tried was not nice, swore a lot but didn't talk to me apart from that.
I found someone I liked but stalled again over the Christmas period and had to pluck up courage to start AGAIN a few months back. And finally on 9th July 2008......At 11.40am my driving instructor, Alan, arrived to take me to the test centre for a 1.10 pm test. He was 20 minutes early but guess what? I was ready! I had spent the whole morning doing my best at relaxing breathing and positive visualising. (Who said birth classes were a waste of time!)
Even though we were early we still didn't have time to go round all the places that the test 'might' be so Alan just took a guess. I don't think I took any of it in though, too busy being scared. Not that it mattered, cus I didn't go that way anyway!
Baby spent the whole hour lesson kicking up a storm, she hates the pressure of the seatbelt anyway but with all the adrenaline too she really was manic! Arrived at the test centre DYING for the bathroom!I was the examiners birthday, I told him I would have bought cake, anything if he would go easy on me! but he went easy on me anyway! I really think (and Alan did too) that he made allowances for the giant baby bump! He wasn't bothered about manouvers (3 point turn etc) cus he could see I wasn't too comfortable turning round. He spent most of the time asking about the baby and telling me 'you'll be ok' and 'you're doing fine'
At one point I even said 'I'm really not doing very well' and he disagreed.

31 years old and 7 and a half months pregnant. Been in more bumps and scrapes than I can think of plus counselling for a serious accident. Been through 5 driving instructors in the UK and 3 in Australia. Been told I'm unteachable.
But guess what...I passed!

Heres hoping the birth goes just as smoothly!

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