Wednesday, October 22, 2008

baby dramas

Well at 12 weeks (and 5 days) I thought we had the waking up down to 3 times a night, with one block of 5 hours at the beginning of the night, which was actually fine by me, but last night she went down at 8 and woke up 5 TIMES (at 11, then 1ish, 1ish, 3ish and 5ish.) She went back down at 8 but was disturbed by P slamming the front door on his way out to work.

It's easier and quicker to feed her (20min) than try and rock or pat her back to sleep in the middle of the night (about an hour or more!) although I always try to get her back to sleep first. It works 50% of the time.

She has just gone back to sleep now (11.20) and although i've been up since 5 I don't think i could sleep now. So it was a toss up between a shower or internet, internet won!

She is a very happy contented baby most of the time, she's pretty portable and loves being out. She doesn't like being strapped in the car but does fall asleep there after a little while. She finds it hard to sleep in new places, I think she is just a bit too nosey and doesn't want to miss anything!

She likes the bath, although she is touching both ends of the baby bath now. I don't like to waste water in the big bath, especially now we have water restrictions again, but looks like I will have no choice soon!

She makes big smiles all the time now, I got her a swing for her 12 week birthday she was full of smiles as soon as I put her in it, I hadn't even put the batteries in yet! It plays squeaky music and rocks by itself, perfect for 10 minutes to eat my dinner! although there is no substitute for real cuddles of course!

She did fall asleep in it the other day though, when I popped her in to go to the loo, I came back she was sound! I left her there and she slept for 2 hours! - what a bad Mummy! don't tell my CHN!

People keep commenting on her lack of hair - HOW RUDE! She actually has quite a bit, it's just really fair. But apparently is's just tooo funny to resist making a comparison between her and her daddy?

Well i'm off for a shower, just don't wake the baby!

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stephiefairy said...

well i thought id say hello as your first official blog follower :P

always love reading what your up to, miss you so much, tell that amelie shes gonna be grown up before she knows it if she keeps getting older at this rate.. its too fast! although it must be lovely to see her smiling at you.

miss you loadsssssss


steph xxxxxx