Monday, October 20, 2008

Change in blog!

My old blog site was a bit rubbish, it wouldn't let me write new posts half the time, so when I did get 'round to writing I was unable to publish.
So I moved the main posts over to here and hopefully this will prove to be a more reliable website! We shall see!

I put Twilight on hold at the library, I was 26th in line, if all the people before me had kept it for the 2 weeks I would have been reading it this time next year! So I was surprised to get the call that the book was in, but when I collected it, I noticed it was a brand new book, so I guess they bought it just for me!
I read when the bubby is feeding, but she is getting a bit quick lately, so it's just 10 minute bursts! I was scared to start reading it. There was such a lot of people saying how good it was and I thought I might be disappointed. I'm not much of a Harry Potter fan and everyone had said how good that was too.
Not that I'm comparing it to Harry Potter, just that peoples opinions aren't always right if you know what I mean? So far I am quite enjoying it, although it's hard to concentrate in my sleep deprived state, it appears to be easy to follow, here's hoping it doesn't get complicated...

We went to the beach yesterday (sat in the shade of course) and hubby went in the water for the first time this season. I wanted to put bubby's feet in the water but the suncream says 12 months up and I didn't dare budge from the shade with her. She would probably have cried at the cold water anyway and I don't want her first experience of the ocean to be a bad one!

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