Sunday, June 19, 2011

Growing fast

Max is nearly 8 months old and Amelie is going to have her 3rd birthday in just over a month. Crazy that I have 2 babies and they are growing so fast!

Both are sick with ear infections at the moment, but Max is still his smiley happy self. Everyone comments on him , he is a beautiful boy!

Amelie is loving swimming lessons and being in the 'big' class without Mummy. Have to give it a miss this week because of the ears. I think I might have mutiny when I tell her!

Amelie got her first 2-wheeled bike and is learning to pedal and steer. We didn't want to wait for her birthday so we just gave it to her straight away.

Max pulled himself up to stand 2 days after he crawled properly, a few days after he was 7 months old (same as Ame) and is now holding on with one hand

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