Monday, May 4, 2009

9 months old and growing fast!

Pick was 9 months old on ANZAC day. We ate ANZAC biscuits, that was the extent of our observation of the day. I didn't realize til the next day that she was 9 months old - so no 9 month old piccies unfortunately!

My lil bro is coming to visit very soon. He's got a 'professional' camera, so P and I are excited to scrub up and have a nice family shot done.

Pickle is cruising the furniture, becoming very vocal and growing out of her clothes! She shouts NU (sounds a bit like no) and DAD, I don't think she knows what she's saying but it feels good to pretend she does. Although on 2nd thoughts I really don't want her first word to be no!

She eats loads of different stuff now, although boobs are still the main course, at the moment avo and kiwi are her favourite.

She had her first real 'sickness' this month, temp of 39.3. All OK now though, phew!

In other news (I do have other news you know) P has decided to try out for the police force. Uni starts in July for a couple of months and then he will apply. We're excited about the new direction!

Had another lady apply for family day care, with an 11 month old. She is interested but has no job as yet. One day it will all get going I'm sure!

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